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What I’m Working: 1/10/13

Hi there! How’s your week been?

As the last week of winter break, mine has been bittersweet. I’ve been trying to get myself back in the swing of things by going to work each day and keeping a constant schedule, so it almost seems like my care-free time is over. However, this week has also been amazing because I’ve had an overwhelming feeling of happiness following me around. Seriously, my heart has been filled with so much joy and love that it’s been busting at the seams. Whether my happiness is due to talking to my loving family often, feeling strong in the gym, finding a new way of eating that’s making me feel great, or being acknowledged highly at work, I can’t seem to wipe the smile off my face. I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what God intended. It is the best feeling in the world.

Naturally, I took a selfie to commemorate the feeling.


(Please note: even though I am beyond satisfied with my life right now, I do acknowledge there are several areas in my life I would like to work on. There is always room for improvement, but for right now I’m happy where I am and will continue to do what I can to make my life even better.) 


But enough gushing. I thought it would be fun to run though my daily workouts this week since I’m still participating in the Tone It Up Love Your Body Challenge. (You can read my post about it here or learn more from their blog.) It’s been so much fun so far! Although I mostly keep my cardio the same (intervals on the elliptical), I do try to change/rotate my strength training.

The biggest change for me during this challenge has definitely been committing to some sort of strength training every day. Previously I would do a few moves only if I felt like it or just write off strength training altogether if I was satisfied with my cardio. But no more! I can already tell how much stronger my body is getting, and it feels great! Someone at the gym even came up to me today to tell me that she noticed how great my endurance is and that my body looked toned. What a kind and unexpected compliment! It’s so wonderful to love your body and feel confident. The hard work is worth it!



Here’s what I’ve been working this week to stay happy and healthy (w/ photos from my Instagram account — @Kabochavore):

  • Monday:  Intervals on the elliptical (9.04 miles in 55 minutes — a new PR!) + bicep curls + biking to/from work (~1-2 miles) 


  • Tuesday: Intervals on the elliptical (9.32 miles in 55 minutes –> a new PR!) + bicep curls + TIU Arm Routine + biking to/from work


  • Wednesday: Intervals on the elliptical (9.13 miles in 55 minutes) + TIU Sleek & Slender Abs Routine + biking to/from work + walking to the grocery store


  • Thursday: Intervals on the elliptical (9.33 miles in 55 minutes –> ANOTHER PR!) + TIU Arm Routine (Oh my! My arms were burning from increasing the weight this time.) + TIU Mali Booty Routine + biking to/from work


  • Friday: TBD (probably the same cardio with a new strength training routine–> gotta do research!)


Miles toward 100 by Vday: over 66 miles (I’m more than half-way there!)


Do you like to workout? What have you been working this week? 


Stay fit!



One comment on “What I’m Working: 1/10/13

  1. Barbell Nation
    January 10, 2013

    It’s great that you’re getting into strength training. I’m a strength training junkie now! I’ve been working on my squatting form this week. It’s great to see all hard work you’re doing! Keep it up! 🙂 -Whitney

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